Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does the 14 Day Quick Guide come with a coaching call? No, it does not come with a phone/video coaching call, only the full Clone Coach SOPs include a 30 minute coaching call. 

  • My card shows a charge but I didn't receive anything? Attempt will always show on your end but only successful transactions will result in an actual charge. If the charge was successful you will see the purchased items immediately. 

  • How do I access purchased items? In three easy ways, immediately after a successful purchase the items will be displayed, you will also receive a follow up email with a link and lastly, you can make an account at checkout and login to access your purchased items anytime! 

  • Do I need a discount code? There are many codes floating around, especially from our affiliates. Some codes are automatic like Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Either way, codes are manually or atomically entered at checkout. So add your item to the cart and thats where you would see your discount. 

  • Which item is best for you? The 14 Day Quick Guide is a single page snippet taken from the full Clone Coach SOPs. It is not an in-depth training guide nor does it come with additional coaching. It's made for hobbies. The full Clone Coach SOPs include both a Mother Plant SOP and Cloning SOP. This combo will guarantee you maximum clones per square foot and the best clones ever in 14 days. It's ideal for any level of commercial operators. 

  • How do I book my coaching call thats included in the full Clone Coach SOPs? Its easy. The follow up emails after your purchase will include a Calendly link. Also, in your digital files, the Resources page will include the Calendly link to book your call. 

  • When will Rootaid be ready? Samples should be ready December 2023 and normal availability Q1 2024.

For all other questions or inquiries email support at heyclonecoach@gmail.com

Paul | Clone Coach