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The Clone Coach SOPs are available in over 12 differnet languages including Spanish, Thai, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and more!

Prevent and eliminate damping off, purple stems and yellow leaves, all molds on clones, wilting, slow rooting and more.

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I cannot emphasize enough how much information and knowledge you will receive from Coaches SOP’s. I went from 16 to 21 day rooting with a 75-80% success rate, and additional two week minimum just to get my clone back to square one health. Now I have my clones rooted and transplanted usually within 12-14 days and 98% success rate. Commercial or home grower/ hobbyist Clone Coach SOP’s will pay for themselves over and over.

Mark G.

Best results I've seen from any cloning process that I've tried. Will be my go to. 100% recommend.

Max @dankemshunter

Paul’s SOP & insight helped me dial my cloning techniques as our needs changed & allowed me to turn a weakness into a strength! On my second trial I was able to achieve a record 99% success rate and have everything hardened off by day 14. Well worth the money spent

Tj C.

8 days and the roots are popping. Since using your cloning SOP everyone is beyond impressed and cloning has become worry free operation. Big ups for making your guide available and actively giving advice on the cloning processes and how to get the most out of your crop.

If anyone is looking to improve their cloning operations, do not be hesitant, GO FOR IT BUY THE GUIDE you will NOT be disappointed.

Daxab G.

The best purchase I've made this year! This SOP was exactly what I needed to tighten up my all the loose ends when it came to my cloning. It literally answered every question I had when it came to my cloning methods. 10/10 is recommend this to anyone.

Aj W.

Clone coach got me some all green hardened off ready to plant clones in 12 days! I used to suck so bad at the domes and your guide was so helpful and I definitely learned why my past tray/dome clones used to be super inconsistent and unsuccessful. Was worth every penny! Got a full aero cloner of clones i don’t even need now lol. 98% success on my first run with your methods. Cheers coach Paul!

Michael L.


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