Best Mother Plants Ever Guide

Best Mother Plants Ever Guide

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*Now available in over 15 different languages! 

Unlock the secret to growing amazing mother plants with our special guide. Follow our easy instructions and training materials to get consistent results every time.

Grow more clones in less space.

Learn how to provide the best lighting, media, and environment for healthy mother plants.

Create your own pruning schedule.

Use the flat-top method to make great clones every 14 days.

Get tips on foliar sprays and IPM.

Discover the benefits of bio root drench.

Space your mother plants for maximum growth.

Know when to water after transplanting.

Learn the right nutrients to use.

Rotate your mom plants for better results.

Works with ANY nutrient brand.

Our package includes:

A detailed, 15-page training document.

A special video on how to care for mother plants.

Have a personal 30-minute coaching call with one of our experts.

If you want to become an expert at cloning, you need this guide.