Clone Coach SOPs (Version 3.0)

Clone Coach SOPs (Version 3.0)

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Normale prijs

If your nursery is making 100's, 1000's or 10,000's clones then this is for you. Keep reading..

I have been in all of those places and from that I have created the Clone Coach SOPs but that's not all...

The newest version of the world famous Clone Coach SOPs is here and has transformed more into a COURSE and COMMUNITY. Not only will the original SOPs be included, you will gain a host of other valuable knowledge to Make The Best Clones Ever.

Information is one thing, but support is another! The v3.0 SOPs will have a built in community and video chat office hours from Clone Coach! Yes, thats right, the new Clone Coach SOPs v3.0 will be in a course format filled with PDFs, videos and more. PLUS a built in MEMBERS ONLY community AND weekly office hours to video chat with Clone Coach and have all your questions answered as a team member. 

Whats Included in the course?

  1. Best Clones Ever

  2. Best Mother Plants Ever

  3. Troubleshoot Checklist

  4. Clone Calendar

  5. Nursery Nutrient Guide

  6. Pest and Pathogen Playbook

  7. Fast Root Fundamentals

  8. Flat Top Method

  9. Locker Room Community

  10. Rooting Plug Chart

  11. 60 Second Clones

  12. Start Green, Stay Green Secret Sauce

  13. Nursery Layout Pie Chart

  14. Lab Test Sheet

  15. Garden Tool Kit List

What about support and coaching calls?

  1. Monday, Wednesday and Friday office hours are available to video chat with Coach and ask all of your questions

  2. Leave comments on specific lessons for direct answers

  3. Search the community for topics or keywords

*Subscription includes all future updates to this course PLUS future courses!

Unlimited visits to the weekly group office hours are available to members! Cancel anytime. 

Join the team today! 

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